15 Feb

Finger on the Pulse (FOTP) is a b2b research agency. We specialise in gathering feedback from key stakeholder groups, customers, employees and suppliers.   

FOTP Research are Experts in Generating Evidence-Based Insights from B2B Market Research

 Finger on the Pulse Research (FOTP) is a B2B research agency that specialise in gathering feedback from key stakeholder groups, in particular, Customers, Suppliers and Employees, by developing and conducting bespoke market research surveys.   Key stakeholder groups are fundamental to the success of any business, yet how often do companies obtain feedback from them to understand their perceptions of your business, in particular what you do well and what you could improve?  FOTP deliver evidence-based insights which help clients build stronger engagement with their Customers, Suppliers and Employees.   Whether during “normal” times or times of crisis, timely, objective and actionable, evidence-based insights generated through research projects enable businesses to maintain a competitive edge and keep close to the needs of their key stakeholders.   

We undertake research around the specific needs of our clients, whilst utilising our experience gained from working across different industry sectors.  


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